Online Services
Access your payroll data from the internet 24/7 with online employer.

Paychoice Online

PayChoice ONLINE is a powerful web-based payroll solution designed to streamline payroll operations while enhancing flexibility, security, and control. This dynamic product enables you to maintain control of your payroll while providing the ultimate in convenience with 24/7 access.

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General Ledger Interface

Online Employer’s General Ledger Interface provides you-or your accountant-online access to payroll data with every payroll. You instantly save time, reduce errors, and increase flexibility with the General Ledger Reporting tools available though Online Employer.

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View Choice

ViewChoice is an archiving module that collects a copy of every payroll report, check stub, W-2, 1099, earning record and payroll tax return processed for the period selected - monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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Employee Services

Online Employer’s Employee Services is a self service, web-based product providing employers and their employees on-line access to personnel information, check stubs, time off accruals and more.

Our fully web-based solution enables employees to access information 24/7. Save time and resources by providing employees instant access to information they need, when they need it.

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