Since 2001, our firm has retained the services of Paytech Payroll. Our company processes a weekly payroll for approximately 50 employees; which is a combination of hourly craftsmen, clerical personnel, and salaried professionals. Processing our payroll with Paytech Payroll is efficient, quick and accurate. We are able to add and input employee information, input current weekly hours, preprocess the week’s payroll and then print payroll reports once the payroll has been run. This process allows us to verify and control the payroll for accuracy. In addition, Paytech processes and pays all of the payroll taxes; file the quarterly reports and the yearly W-2’s. We have found that using Paytech for our payroll needs allows our company to concentrate on our core business. Having unsuccessfully used other payroll processing companies in the past, I can highly recommend Paytech. Paytech’s staff is knowledgeable, accommodating and accessible.


I just wanted to thank you for the excellent payroll service you have provided for me over the past three years. Your payrolls have been flawless and always on time. State and Federal reports have also been flawless and on time. But equally important, your friendly and cheerful can-do attitude has been terrific when I needed an immediate turnaround for a payroll check. Best wishes for you and your company!


We want to express our delight and satisfaction for the payroll program and service rendered by Paytech Payroll Systems Inc. (Ken and Stacy Gould). They are available to us when we call, prompt to respond to any questions on our present payroll grogram. They were excellent during a recent training period with upgrades to our system. We can highly recommend their payroll service.

-Debbie & Mada

We have been using Paytech Payroll since 2005 and we highly recommend their services. They are professional and always deliver the payroll in a timely manner. They file all the government forms and direct deposit the liabilities due. It relieves me, as an office manager, of the time and stress I used to be under to do the payroll and make sure that all of my quarterlies etc. were completed and sent in on time. It is very cost efficient. As long as I have employees I will continue to use the services that Paytech provides. Working with Ken and Stacy is a pleasure.


It’s always a pleasure working with the Paytech team. Their attention to detail and customer service constantly gives us a piece of mind.


I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation for the extremely prompt services you provided to our office on March 4, 2008. As you know, our previous payroll service decided they no longer wanted to process small business payroll and did not bother to notify us of their decision until payroll was being called in on the morning of the 4th. At that point we scrambled to find a new payroll service that could meet the needs of our office and provide personal assistance along with the convenience of telephonic and internet communications.

Our office felt as though we were given solutions right from the start and continued feeling that way throughout the entire day. As office manager, I felt as though you had a good grasp on the problem and I did not have to “babysit” the situation throughout the day. Your “hands on” assistance and prompt production and delivery of our paychecks within five hours of our initial contact was nothing short of amazing. Again, thank you so much. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you in the future.


I would like to take a moment to thank you for all that you do for our company in regards to payroll. Since we started doing business with your company, it has really freed up a lot of time for me to be able to get more work done in our office.

We are completely confident and satisfied with Paytech Payroll Systems processing all of our weekly paychecks, weekly reports, quarterly reports, workers comp reports, w2’s. The turnaround time from when you enter the payroll hours to the time you get the reports is phenomenal. All paychecks are delivered to you promptly each and every week. Not to mention, the staff is so friendly and helpful to assist you with all your needs.

The nominal fee that the payroll company charges is nothing compared to the peace of mind that you will get from not having to devote time to process payroll yourself. So if you really think about it, what more could you ask for.

We would like to recommend or challenge any and all companies to just give it a try. It would not take long for you to realize how convenient it is to use Paytech Payroll Systems, Inc.